Ladder Type Tray


We are the manufacturer and supplier of CABLE TRAYS. We manufacture both Industrial applicable cable trays range of Hot Dip Galvanized Perforated and Ladder type cable trays that are accompanied with cable support systems and accessories.

We are engaged in the manufacturing Ladder Type Cable Trays which are ideal to install/lay a large volume of heavy-duty power cables. These cables have a uniform distance between them and consist of two longitudinal side rails or rungs, which are welded to the side rails or bolted in some cases.

Range of Width 150mm to 1500mm
Range of Span 2.5m to 6m
Sheet Thickness 1.5mm to 3mm
Rung Spacing 250mm, 300mm
Range of Height 20mm to 150mm
Finish Types Hot Dip Galvanized
Material Mild Steel, Pre Galvanized Iron