Solar Module Mounting Structure


KPGE has set up manufacturing facilities for various types of profiles covering all types of Solar Panel Module Mounting Structure required for SPV Power Plant Projects and manufacturing product profile comprises of Hot Dip Galvanized Solar Structures as well as Galvalume sheet & Pre-galvanized structures such as Rafter, Purloins, Column, Bracing (side, rear, back, etc), C & Lip Channels, HAT sections, MS Angle sections, Joint plates, & Beam, etc., based on customer drawings & specifications.

Galvanized Earthing Strips/Flats are connected to the actual Earthing bar, and in some places they are used instead of insulation cables due to lower cost and high benefits, and it result in maximum Earthing resistance and meet all the required installation requirement. It is used to provide earthing to various areas like industrial, residential, commercial, etc.